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Forensic Identification Labs on Campus

Tags: March 2022, Vol. 2, Issue 3

Students in the Forensic Identification (FI) postgraduate program have been participating in some exciting labs on campus this semester. As part of the Death Investigation course, students are learning techniques and skills to systematically process a death scene. Specifically, students are learning how to rehydrate mummified fingers from experts at the Centre of Forensic Science Pathology. This fingerprint picture below shows what the rehydration technique looks like – it produced a successful fingerprint image for comparison to confirm Identification.

Another course in the FI program, titled “Advanced Friction Ridge Development” offers students an exciting opportunity for experiential learning with Instructor Dennis Buligan, an expert in forensics. This course is focused on learning the techniques required to analyze, develop and evaluate crime scene fingerprints, utilizing a variety of chemical and photographic procedures. Instructor Buligan has focused parts of this course on the techniques used to examine striation markings on a cartridge case, using our new Keyence 4K microscope. The photos on the right, demonstrate the power of this microscope, and how it is used to examine a cartridge case to find small yet important markings and indentations that aid in forsenic investigations. Courses like this continue to advance learning through hands-on experiences.

Instructor Buligan using the new Keyence 4K microscope


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