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Forensic Identification Photo Contest Winners

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 3, March 2021

We are excited to showcase the winners of the annual Forensic Identification (F.I) photo competition. In the past we have displayed some of these photos in C205 on campus, but in lieu of viewing in person we have included them below.

F.I Instructor, Mike Gamble, tasked his students with taking a photograph that filled the frame, had texture and motion and presented the subject in a self-exploratory way. The students were also asked to play with the colour temperature of the photos, by altering the white balance on their camera in a way that enhanced the image through a warmer or cooler colour tint. The 1st and 2nd prize photos were submitted under the theme of “filling the frame”. The 3rd prize photo illustrated the theme of “motion”. The students of the program selected the top 25 photos over the course of the term, and the final decisions for the top three were made by Forensic Identification faculty and staff. Congrats to our three winners, Emily Gates, Joyce Shen, and Vera Ushakova.

Sewing Machine

First Place “Sewing Machine” by Emily Gates


Second Place “Face” by Joyce Shen


Third Place “Water” by Vera Ushakova

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