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Forensic Identification Students Honour Orange Shirt Day

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 1, October 2020

On September 30th, students, faculty and staff across Humber honoured Orange Shirt Day. This is a day dedicated to honouring the Indigenous children who were sent away to Residential Schools in Canada and encourages us to learn more about the history of those schools. Wearing an orange shirt and using the slogan, Every Child Matters, is an affirmation of our commitment to raise awareness of the residential school experience and to honour the healing journey of Indigenous lives impacted by them.

Professor and Program Coordinator of the Forensic Identification Graduate Certificate program, Debbie Harris, led a class discussion on the significance of Orange Shirt Day, with students.

Forensic Identification student, Jade Danville, shares why this day is important and why honouring this day has personal significance to her:

“Orange Shirt Day is a day to honour the survivors of residential schools by spreading awareness about the terrible things that they went through. It is also a day to show our support for the kids of today and let them know that they matter. The orange shirt represents healing and reconciliation, but it also represents a willingness to stand up for what is right and that is what I will always do.

Orange day hits a little close to home for me because my grandma on my dad's side as well as her numerous siblings had to go through the torture of being in a residential school. They never went into great detail about what happened to them, but I could tell it impacted them greatly based on the little information that was shared.”

To learn more about Orange Shirt Day, visit the Humber’s IEE Website here.

To read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action click here.

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