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FSCS CE, ESS Support Services and Community Living North York Recieve Funding Through the Allan Slaight Seniors Fund

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 2, December 2020

The Faculty of Social and Community Services Continuing Education department,ESS Support Services, and Community Living Central York, are pleased to announce that they are the successful recipients of funding through the Allan Slaight Seniors Fund as part of United Way Greater Toronto's funding opportunities.

The Allan Slaight Seniors Fund is launched as a partnership between The Slaight Family Foundation and United Way. The Fund aims to support our most vulnerable seniors to live healthy, active and connected lives in their homes and communities. This fund will provide grants to evidence-informed, community-based programs or collaborations that use leading-edge practices or innovative methods that transform the way services are delivered for vulnerable seniors.

The joint initiative, titled Trauma-Informed Social Support For Aging Caregivers aims to establish natural and professional supports for older adults caring for adult sons and daughters with developmental disabilities using a trauma-informed empowerment-oriented (client-directed) case management model. The focus is on case managers operating in Etobicoke and York Region building natural supports around individuals and aging parents, and helping to develop and deliver cross sectoral training and skills development in order to create a progressive community of practice and increased specialized volunteer capacity.

Alison Coke, CEO ESS Support Services, highlights the innovative approach this initiative takes by focussing on senior caregivers who so often struggle alone in caring for their disabled children. Consistent with ESS’s core values and approach, the program is designed to provide the seniors involved with the information, case management support and peer network connections they need to make the best decisions for their loved ones.

As part of this initiative, the FSCS will be supporting the development of training sessions on Developmental Disabilities and Empowerment Philosophies, Case Management, and Trauma-Informed Care. We look forward to sharing updates on this important initiative.

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