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Mental Health: From Classroom to Career

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 2, December 2020

Faculty member and DSW Program Coordinator, Andrea Rutherford, spoke to Humber Today to express her thoughts and lessons learned when she shifted from student to educator. Andrea reminisced about her own fears entering the workplace, when was completing her Nursing diploma many years ago. Since then, Andrea has made it her mission to educate in a way that creates clear pathways to field work, and leaves students with the confidence to begin their careers. As well, Andrea spoke to how she works diligently to identify the importance of wellness, including physical, mental and psychosocial health in her teaching and curriculum. The article also features insights from Natasha Daly, a recent graduate of the Developmental Services Worker program. Many students, including Natasha, have found Rutherford's teaching approach helpful both in the classroom and beyond. To hear more about Andrea’s strategies to bring mental health awareness to the classroom and beyond, read the full article here.

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Andrea Rutherford