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New OACYC Leadership

Passing the baton from Mardi to Coura

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 3, March 2021

The Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care (OACYC) is the professional association representing Child and Youth Care Practitioners (CYCP) in the province of Ontario, Canada. The OACYC provides professional standards, regulations, support, and a Code of Ethics to its members thus ensuring integrity, accountability, and excellence. The OACYC is focused on building awareness about Child and Youth care in Ontario through advocacy efforts, elevating professional standards of practice and regulation/legislation.

The Association believes that all children, youth and families, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, trauma, oppression, or socio-economic status deserve and have the right to reach their full potential. We stand in solidarity with those with whom we work and their communities to support personal growth and social change. We believe in the transformational nature of utilizing daily life events to build genuine, respectful and caring relationships with young people and caregivers through which we are able to nurture strengths, abilities and foster overall change.


Mardi Ennis-Gregory

Mardi Ennis-Gregory

Mardi Ennis-Gregory was the President of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care from 2018-2020 and is proud to hand over the Presidency to Coura Niang, after the completion of her two-year term. Coura has been part of the Executive slate at the Association in the role of Secretary as well as the Co-Chair of the Equity and Inclusion Committee. Mardi and Coura share a passion for Child and Youth Care and want to ensure it is equitable and inclusive, and this shared commitment is embedded throughout all the activities, initiatives and community stakeholder communications.

Coura and Mardi not only sit on the OACYC Board of Directors together but are also colleagues in the Child and Youth Care Program at Humber College. They believe strongly that the profession should be supported, recognized and respected, and have been actively advocating towards professionalization and regulation of the field. Mardi notes that ‘as a leader, I can only start from the place that I have been led to, persevere, and then allow those who come after me to grow our profession further. Coura will do not only that, but more. I am excited to see where her leadership will take our field.’

Coura hopes to continue creating an Association culture rooted in collaboration, consultation and communication; one that enhances communication with membership, community stakeholders, government and advocates with clarity to the betterment of the field of Child and Youth Care.

Coura NiangCoura Niang

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