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Progress Towards the Regulation of the Profession of Behaviour Analysis in Ontario

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 4, June 2021

The proposed legislation, Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis Act, 2021, if passed, would repeal and replace the Psychology Act, 1991, to regulate the profession of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) as a new profession under the current College of Psychologists of Ontario. By doing so, this would:

  • Establish applied behaviour analysis as a new profession regulated by the college and update the name of the college to the College of Psychologists and Behaviour Analysts of Ontario
  • Maintain the regulatory framework for psychologists
  • Define the scope of practice for Applied Behaviour Analysts as “The practice of applied behaviour analysis is the assessment of covert and overt behaviour and its functions through direct observation and measurement, and the design, implementation, delivery and evaluation of interventions derived from the principles of behaviour in order to produce meaningful improvements
  • Protect the title of “Behaviour Analyst”; and,
  • Update the size and composition of the college’s Council to enable equitable representation for both professions.

If passed, this legislation will formally recognize Behaviour Analysts as regulated health professionals, define the scope of practice, and provide public protection, oversight, and clarity about the training and qualifications necessary to practice behaviour analysis in Ontario.

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