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FSCS Career Mentorship Program

Tags: December 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2

The FSCS Career Mentorship Program is turning 2! This January will be the second year the WIL Centre will be running the FSCS Career Mentorship program for the Protection, Security and Investigation (PSI) diploma program, and the first year for the Police Foundations Program (PFP). Students will be matched to a mentor where they will meet three times over the course of the semester. The goal of this mentorship program is to help students increase their confidence, grow their professional network, and explore career options while providing mentors with an opportunity to support students and develop their own leadership skills.

This program uses surveys and data collection to offer the FSCS insight on how prepared students feel at the end of their program versus how prepared they are perceived by their mentors. Students will also receive Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognition at the end of the program.

For anyone looking to get involved or learn more about the FSCS Career Mentorship Program, please email

Mentor showing a student what to do on a laptop

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