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WIL Centre Update

Tags: Vol. 1, Issue 1, October 2020

September is a busy month for the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Centre. As we welcomed students back to our virtual campus, it was essential to ensure students were registered in the appropriate Work-Integrated Learning courses and connected to a Faculty Advisor/Seminar Instructor. The focus has now shifted to preparing for the Winter semester by connecting with students through virtual class visits, one-on-one virtual appointments and conducting outreach to community partners for the Winter and Summer terms. 

Here's what our students are doing right now:  

With guidance from their Faculty Advisor/Seminar Instructor, students are participating in WIL courses in one of 3 ways: working with an agency in-person or remotely, working on an applied project through the Project Library, or doing a combination of project and field work.  

Students preparing for placement in the Winter term have begun reviewing deadlines and completing essential documentation needed for their health and safety with the direction of their Field Placement Coordinator.  

Community partners continue to express interest in hosting students for the Winter term. With newly crafted resumes, students are beginning to review the various opportunities the WIL Team has facilitated to work in-person or remotely in the field. With the guidance of their Field Placement Coordinator, students will be sending professional emails to community partners to arrange virtual interviews. 

The WIL team has continued to grow and is now currently made up of 11 support staff and one work-study student.  

You can usually find us in the Work-Integrated Learning Centre in E108, but this semester we are working virtually to safely support agencies, faculty and students.

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