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ADMH Students Create Mental Health Wellness Initiative

In October 2019, Addictions and Mental Health (ADMH) students Victoria Kodytuakku, Julia Cusato, Danielle Warren and Elizabeth Sangster established the Addictions and Mental Health Student Wellness Initiative in order to create opportunities for personal and professional growth. The initiative also promotes individual and collective well-being within ADMH as well as other respective programs at Humber’s Lakeshore campus.

Last year the initiative hosted several de-stressor events aimed at aiding students with identifying and reducing their limiting beliefs through mindfulness and self-care practices. A Faculty Panel was held allowing students to engage with their faculty, ask questions, and learn about the necessary components required to work in the field. I

n 2020, the initiative plans for expansion in hopes of bridging the gap between the current and incoming cohort to facilitate a richer learning experience for both in the upcoming semester. The ADMH Student Wellness Initiative is excited for what is to come and invites everyone to learn more about their upcoming events on their Instagram page @admhstudentwellness.

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