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Border and Immigration Services

Certificate of Accomplishment | B1D1

Program Overview

This certificate program is a course of study designed to provide foundational information for those interested in pursuing a career in customs and/or immigration. Students are advised that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) normally requires the completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree for most positions. The certificate will focus on the enforcement aspects of customs and immigration.

The Canada Border Services Agency employs approximately 14,000 employees including over 6,500 uniformed CBSA officers who provide services at approximately 1,200 points across Canada and at 39 international locations.


The Canada Border Services Agency's responsibilities include:

  • administering legislation that governs the admissibility of people and goods, plants and animals into and out of Canada
  • detaining those people who may pose a threat to Canada
  • removing people who are inadmissible to Canada including those involved in terrorism, organized crime, war crimes or crimes against humanity
  • interdicting illegal goods entering or leaving the country
  • protecting food safety, plant and animal health, and Canada's resource base
  • promoting Canadian business and economic benefits by administering trade legislation and trade agreements to meet Canada's international obligations
  • enforcing trade remedies that help protect Canadian industry from the injurious effects of dumped and subsidized imported goods
  • administering a fair and impartial redress mechanism
  • promoting Canadian interests in various international forums and with international organizations
  • collecting applicable duties and taxes on imported goods

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Student Success Story:

The Humber College Border and Immigration Services Certificate program has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge needed to start my career as a Border Services Officer (BSO). This program provided an in-depth view of the daily activities, challenges and responsibilities of a BSO as well as the many different career paths available in the CBSA and associated organizations. Now that I have completed this program I feel I have gained insight into a career that will be both challenging and rewarding. Coupled with the knowledge and confidence I acquired throughout the program, I look forward to the start of a new and exciting career as a BSO.

Heather Platt – Border and Immigration Services Certificate

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