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The mock crime scene apartment is an experiential lab built within the Centre for Justice Leadership that allows students to practice forensic techniques. Students can observe classmates 'at work' in the overhead viewing theatre and critique their performance. Students learn how to process forensic evidence from staged crime scenes including taking photos, collecting and protecting evidence, and sketching and measuring the scene.

students in simulation lab

Crime Scene and Forensic Studio

The Crime Scene Lab and Forensic Studio allow students to engage in project-based experiential learning. Students participate in processing staged crime scenes using photography, fingerprint development, advanced evidence collection techniques, and digital crime scene mapping. Solutions require critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration and assists the student in understanding the potential gaps between theory and practice. These labs provide the opportunity for students to become empowered in their own learning environment.

kitchen crime scene simulation

Capstone Project Highlight

During the capstone course, “Court Preparation and Testimony”, students play the role of actors to stage a crime scene within the lab. The Forensic Identification students must investigate and process the crime scene by applying the knowledge and skills they have gained over the term and utilize all of the forensic equipment available to them. The students then create 3D crime scene models, photo logs, fingerprint and footwear evidence, along with the collection of forensic evidence including DNA. The students then present their evidence, illustrations and reports in the Court Room where they are subject to a Voir Dire hearing to test the admissibility of their evidence. This applies to the curriculum by utilizing the program learning outcomes from a variety of courses within the Forensic Identification program.

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