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CJS Innovate-a- Thon

Tags: December 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2

During the weekend of October 22-24, students from Humber and Seneca Colleges collaborated in the Student Innovate-a-Thon Weekend, where teams participated in a friendly competition to develop a solution to an educational challenge for the YMCA Academy – how to make education more accessible.

Students from Humber’s Faculty of Social and Community Services’ Community Justice Services (CJS) program, were on the winning team!

Congratulations to Mafdet Wilson, Rhonny Lugoma, and Brieanna Rickettes, and their teammates Jessica Spurrell (Bachelor of Music) and Tianna Giles (Early Childhood Education) for all their valuable contributions to an amazing experience!

“I was grateful to come across the Innovate-a-thon! I’m an entrepreneur, so the project that Humber’s Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship (Longo CfE) hosted for us to apply our entrepreneurial skills to assist students at the YMCA Academy was a great opportunity. The weekend event had a series of sessions throughout each day, and we worked in teams to create a program that will help YMCA students’ transition to postsecondary, and to have more support and inclusion for students who have learning disabilities. Most of my team members were from the CJS program, and our team’s pitch won, which speaks to the great skills that the CJS program has taught us.”

– Mafdet Wilson, CJS student on winning team

Three diversed female & male students working together

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