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Mindfulness Studies

Certificate of Completion | MS91

The Certificate in Mindfulness Studies introduces students to the core principles, theories and practices associated with mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices.

What You Will Learn

Throughout the program, students discover the histories of mindfulness, from ancient traditions to current neuroscientific research. Current applications of mindfulness are examined in psychotherapy, medical, educational and corporate settings. The certificate also explores various ethics and attitudes associated with living an awake and mindful life.

The certificate provides students with an opportunity to learn and practice various mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs), which may be utilized both personally and professionally. Classes offer periods for core mindful practices including breath awareness meditations, body scans, walking meditations, mindful eating and mindful movement.

Classroom time dedicated to group discussion and inquiry will allow students to deepen their understanding. Students are encouraged to practise outside the classroom setting and will generate a practice journal outlining their direct experiences. A reflective essay will be written to highlight and summarize the students' learning in each of the four courses. Group presentations and research on community resources will bring the practice off the cushion and into everyday life.

Curriculum Quick-Look Availability Scheduler
Compulsory Courses 2019 2020
MIND 001: Foundations of Mindfulness  
MIND 002: Mindfulness in the West  
MIND 003: Science of Mindfulness  
MIND 004: Ethics of Mindfulness  

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Registration Begins for Winter 2020

Registration Begins for Winter 2020

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