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CYC Virtual Hangout

Tags: November 2021, Vol. 2, Issue 1

This past summer our Child & Youth Care (CYC) Diploma students engaged in the CYC Virtual Hangout. The project enjoyed great success and has expanded this Fall to include our Diploma and Degree CYC students. Students are designing and facilitating three workshops for three age groups over the semester. The workshops are 1-hour each and cover a variety of topics. Community agencies that provide services to children and youth can book workshops to be delivered by our eager CYC students.

A few of the many topics include the following:

  • Emotional Development: Exploring Emotions (children under 6)
  • Staying Home Alone: Safety (latency to pre-adolescence)
  • Sex and Sexuality (adolescence, ages 13-24)

Please help us by getting the word out. Check out Humber’s CYC Virtual Hangout for more information and share within your networks.

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