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Crime Scene Investigation Photo Contest

Photography is a feature of every crime scene investigation, but with the advent of smart phones most of our students have never held a traditional camera before. Photo competitions were linked to every assignment in their forensic photography course to promote interest and skill in handling a professional-grade camera.

It was also an opportunity for self-expression while developing a valuable life skill. The top five photos from each assignment competition were selected by their fellow students. Faculty then reviewed the collection of 25 photos and voted on the top 3. Congratulations go out the Graiden Maynard who took first place, Don Nguyen who placed second, and Shane Khan who captured third. All three photographers won a much-coveted CSI sweatshirt and a subscription to Outdoor Photographer magazine. Graiden also received a $300 Manfrotto tripod for his winning photo. Thank you to all the CSI students who supported this competition with their creativity and participation.

TTC bus at Night

Winner: Graiden Maynard (city bus)

Close up of a woman's face

2nd place: Don Nguyen (close-up portrait)

airplane and crane against a sunset

3rd place: Shane Khan (airplane)

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