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FSCS Launches Two Global Summer School Courses

As part of Humber College’s Global Summer School (GSS), the Faculty of Social and Community Services is excited to launch two courses from July 5th - 25th, 2020 for both Humber and non-Humber students. The courses, Transformational Leadership and Advocacy and the Summer International Policing Program are running for the second time this year after being successfully piloted in July 2019.

By joining Humber’s Global Summer School, students will have the unique opportunity to work together with peers from Humber and around the world to explore and discuss critical issues that require multidisciplinary solutions.

For more information on Humber’s Global Summer School, check out the website here.

A group of Global Summer School students

A group of Global Summer School students in class wearing lab coats

Three Global Summer School students standing outside

Humber students standing in front of YYZ signage

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