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Sim Lab Team Develops Tech to Support Experiential Learning

Early last year, the FSCS Sim Lab team worked closely with Behavioural Science and Developmental Service Worker faculty member, John Kosmopoulos, to support the development of several interactive simulation videos to help prepare students for their placement work. The simulation videos include situations involving functional analysis of problem behaviour as well as functional communication training interactions.

Over the course of the 2018/2019 year, the Sim Lab team worked with John to write, film and edit the final videos for use with the 180-degree conflict resolution simulator located in the Sim Lab. This marks the first time this technology is used to support experiential learning in the BSCI and DSW programs.

Additionally, the team collaborated with DramaWay to hire actors with developmental disabilities to play on-screen characters for the project.

After piloting with a small group of students, the scenarios will go live later this fall for student course-based assignment work in BSCI and DSW programs.

Sim Lab actors

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